writing, by meg cabot
november 15th -

this is cool.

- Write the kinds of stories you like to read. If you donít love what youíre writing, no one else will, either.

- Donít tell people you want to be a writer. Everyone will try to talk of you out of choosing a job with so little security. Just keep it to yourself, and be sure to get a job to fall back on if your writing career doesnít work out right away.

- You are not a hundred dollar bill. Not everyone is going to like you...or your story. Do not take rejection personally.

- If you are blocked on a story, there is probably something wrong with it. Take a few days off and put the story on a back burner for a while. Eventually, it will come to you.

- Donít push too much pressure on yourself to get published by a certain age. I didnít get published until I was 30, and I turned out all right, I promise.

- Write all the time. Never stop sending out your stuff. Donít wait for a response after sending a story out...start a new story right away, then send that one out. If you are constantly writing and sending stuff out (donít forget to live your life, too, while you are doing this) eventually somebody will bite.

- And above all, become a good listener. In order to write believable dialogue, you need to listen to the conversations of the people around you--then try to imitate them!

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